Review: The Chronicles of the White Tower IV: Legacy


For no apparent reason, the father of eighteen-year-old Marian Fairfax is brutally murdered and she is plunged into a terrifying world of violence. Aided by an ex-SAS soldier, she attempts to discover who caused her father’s death, and why. She also has to stay alive – no mean feat under the circumstances.

An inheritance, sapphire jewels left to her by her mother, takes on a startling significance when she discovers that the death of her father is directly related to their existence.

Someone will stop at nothing to obtain the jewelry, and Marian herself, in order to learn their mysterious secrets.


About the author

Mark Patrick is an Englishman who has lived in the south of Spain for the last 39 years. He is married to a Spanish lady and has three children. His hobbies include; reading, writing and listening to music. As far as his reading goes he devours everything from biographies to detective fiction. Music can be anything from Mozart or Bach to jazz vocal: Ella, Billie, or any of the more modern vocalists. Writing takes up much of his time. He is engaged on his series ‘Chronicles of the White Tower’, and is also researching a book about the great jazz vocalists – which, with luck, will be finished in a couple of years. He is also writing a science fiction adventure novel, which is progressing – slowly. His website is: (


My Review

Legacy is the book 4 of a great fantasy saga. In this volume, Mark Patrick jumps into the abyss and bring us back two marvelous stories in just one novel.

On the one hand, we will go on with Mary Anne’s story, knowing more about her and the Order of the White Tower. On the other hand, we will live a detective’s story with crimes, chasings, betrayals…

These are the ingredients of a novel with an easy-to-read prose, full of hidden and not so hidden references to the language uses, the English culture and musical lore. There is a bunch of good characters, well characterized that are the perfect counterparts for Marian, the wonderful starring of this story. Mark Patrick is able to put us in the skin of this attractive young woman, making us wanted to know everything about her past, present and future life.

One of the virtues of the novel is that it will achieve that the reader does not stop reading until he/she reaches the final words: The End.

To sum up: Mark Patrick has raised the bar a bit more in his series of the White Tower. I am looking forward to read the next one and knowing a bit more about his great personal universe.

 Reseña en español

Legacy es el cuarto libro de una gran saga de fantasía. En este volumen, Mark Patrick se lanza al vacío para traernos dos historias maravillosas en sólo una novela.

Por un lado, seguiremos con la historia de Marie Anne, conociendo algo más sobre ella y sobre la Orden de la Torre Blanca. Por otro lado, viviremos una historia detectivesca con crímenes, persecuciones, traiciones…

Estos son los ingredientes de una novela de fácil lectura, llena de referencias ocultas y no tanto sobre los usos del lenguaje, la cultura inglesa y el mundo de la música. Hay un puñado de buenos personajes, bien caracterizados, que son contraparte perfecta de Marian, la espectacular protagonista de esta historia. Mark Patrick es capaz de ponernos en la piel de esta atractiva y joven mujer, haciendo que queramos saber todo de su vida pasada, presente y futura.

Una de las virtudes de la novela es que conseguirá que el lector no para de leer hasta que llegue a las palabras finales: Fin.

Resumiendo: Mark Patrick ha subido el listón un poco más en su serie de la Torre Blanca. Estoy deseando leer el próximo y saber un poco más sobre su gran universo personal.

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