Inheritance (Eragon IV) de Christopher Paolini.

Today, it’s going to be my pleasure to do this review in English.

Speaking about «Inheritance» is speaking not only about this book but about the whole saga. As I’ve said so many times, we can distinguish between the saga of Eragon in orginal version and in its Spanish translation. I didn’t like the first book in Spanish, so I decided to start de series in English, and that was my success.

«Inheritance» is a large book (860p.) and my first impression when I saw it was «How many pages! That’s good!» After reading it I think there are too many of them. Because, thouhg the story goes on during the novel, sometimes it becomes a bit tedious. Anyway I’ve enjoyed the book, and the whole saga, because it is entertaining, full of adventures and details. It’s true that this book is not the best I’ve ever read, but it’s not a bad book.

To sum up, I will say that the whole saga of Eragon, and this final book in particular, is worthy to be read and those who like the adventure novels will enjoy it so much.

Evaluation: Good.

Mark: 7 out of 10

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