Reseña (en inglés): La Ciudad Enmascarada de Rafael Marín.

Como ya comenté en facebook, estoy preparándome el examen de C1 de inglés y estoy haciendo algunas redacciones en inglés. En esta ocasión tocaba una reseña. Y la he hecho del último libro leído: La Ciudad Enmascarada de Rafael Marín. Me ha encantado. Si aguno quiere la traducción, no tiene más que decirlo.


Review: La Ciudad Enmascarada by Rafael Marín

La ciudad enmascaradaGabriel Amador is a middle aged retired teacher who was about to die some years ago due to a heart disease. Mario Otárola is his old friend. They met when they were very young. They are immersed in ancient war where two ancient factions have fought throughout eons to conquer the world. The intricate plot takes part in Cádiz, an old city in the south of Spain which was the cradle of ancient civilizations: Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans… Magic, alcohol, drugs and sex are used to control the human mind by these two contending factions, and the Carnivals of Cádiz will be the perfect pretext to fight their final battle.
I must confess that I was ignorant about the old traditions, ancient myths, cults, and magic that are described in the novel, although they have a real base. However, whilst I was reading, the plot was becoming more interesting and I started to enjoy the author’s style, the deepness of the characters and the novel itself. Rafael Marin has traced a perfect circle, getting a complete and entertaining book.
So, if you like mystery, black novels, magic or similar literary genres, this is your story. You will learn old myths and legends and will spend a fabulous time reading a text full of quality.

My mark: Excelent

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